Tuesday, September 06, 2005

April 4th

Casey Austin Sheehan was killed in the service of Liberty, April 4th 2004.

I died on April 4th. I met the eternal host gathered to honor risen soldiers. From among them came my long waiting forebearers, embracing me! Then came the free spirits of the race of my enemy, thanking me for my death in the name of their living. I could not tell them I was glad because I had not thought them brothers.

But gazing on the earth, I saw the great cords of Hell wound tight and strangling the enemy. The enemy forged their cord longer, grasping to bind all. My own cord now broken, where it had bound my brothers tight, they were loosed and came free! The heavens shouted a loud Halleluhah! - the chorus rang around the circuit of the sun! And as my brothers' cords released, I saw the bound of my enemy also coming free!

Returning my gaze to the earth, I saw my mother, my country, unmoved beyond the memory of my death. I saw my war now a passion for the world, and she sought reason for my death! But let passion be your reason, great mother, tell the world I am sorry I did not die sooner, to free brother and enemy in Honor! I cry for her to hear - Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last! I wait for her. I died on April 4th.


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