Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Lawmakers soon to decide whether Mother Nature is racist

"The issue is not about race right now," said Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, D-Ohio. "There will be another time to have issues about color."

If you don't have an identity of suffering, you are not black. Therefore, I am black.

But seriously.. the assertion that relief was slow to come to some victims because they are black and poor! This is a statement of utterly unreasoned hatred. It is creating and playing up enmity to garner power with many who have been well trained by this lot to view themselves as victims. It is shameless, despicable demagoguery, and it tears at the fabric of the United States. These are not representing America, they are dividing it with a shabby, hate-shodden content of character. So long as we go with this kind of representation - no, we can't all just get along.

This is the situation. The expanse of America is huge. Huge. And this disaster obliterated entire cities along all of our southern sea and more. And if enough food and personell to support exiles of a destroyed metropolis and more isn't transported across our entire nation in three days, somebody is racist? To say so is a more than monumental missapropriation of cause - the failure of the grasp of reality - may I say stupidity? - is unquantifiable.

As Orson Scott Card wisely observes, the disaster was prepared for as much as we thought it ought to be, and we were wrong. Twenty-twenty hindsight is easy, foresight isn't, and the kind of foresight we so often demand is not really a request for leadership so much as Godhood.

Also, these legislators contradict themselves on the "charge" of racism, and really they are making the charge. Their complaint is that supplies are moving slowly because the relief subjects are black; that the exiles are being ignored because they are black. The intended inference is glaringly loud: that America (and really the executive branch of it - FEMA and Bush) hates blacks! They don't care if they die! Pathetic. At the same time, they deny this message - "There will be another time to have issues about color". And this statement of denial is still further absurd - so you aren't charging racism now, but you will? When? If you're going to have another press conference in one month to charge racism, we know you hold the charge right now! Not that they actually plan any such conference or open charge - no, what they plan is to stir up the muck of hatred right now for sympathy from black voters, to maintain power through division and fear - while doing everything they can to appear not to be doing this. It is an imagined vomit which they heaved and now sychophantically ingest. It should be spoken out against. Now. Loudly. Or perhaps regurgitated upon. Figuratively. Yes, America should throw up on such politics. It misrepresents good black folks.

Mother nature has lashed out against the lot of humanity, and only God may know why, but everyone down there deserves all the help that can possibly be sent their way.


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