Thursday, November 15, 2007

Is this a review or a political soap-box? (review of boxofficemojo review: Lions for Lambs)

I am flabbergasted by this review. Okay, I thought I was reading a review? This isn't a review. This is a political contention laced up as a review.

How sad. Not only are these opinions irrelevant to the film, and only relevant to a blatant political bias (and an apparent felt need to present it), they are presented without any qualification in a context where it would be expected they should be taken as unchallenged facts. But they are opinions. I should say they are opinions presented with rather forceful pedantry; which ironically seems to be Hollerand's only real criticism against the film for which he wrote his "review". If that's your only criticism Mr. Hollerand, you offer little in the way of alternatives with your own words.

But I gotta give Holleran this - I believe that in general he is on to something in his expressed opinions about people attacking George Lucas' right to modify his own art work - even as much as I don't like some of those modifications.


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