Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Review: "The Audacity of Hope", by Barack Obama

I haven't actually read this book, but I'd just like to say that Barack Obama reminds me a lot of Abraham Lincoln. Like Lincoln, his daring to hope stands out really differently from a country with too many religious zealots, and I think it is very wise and noble to dare, as this book title says he does, dare to hope. Well, anyway, it's audacious, which is a lot like daring, and hope is so audacious in a country so full of religious doom and gloom. I mean, what hope does religion offer, anyway? Be good or you'll go to hell? Some motivation. But anyway, he is also black, which reminds me, although indirectly, of Abraham Lincoln. And like Lincoln, he also has a checkered past, although he has probably had to confront the fact that he is black, but anyway, I think that if Lincoln had a checkered past, and so does Barack Obama, we should take more risks on people with checkered pasts.


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