Thursday, September 29, 2005

A Book of Mormon Film

I can say this: I like the art. A lot. This project apparently died with investor fears after the most presumptiously titled THE Book of Mormon Movie. And of that movie (which I emphasise was a separate project from that link) - truly, was it THE one and only Book of Mormon movie? Can there only be one? Because if there could only be one, would that not have been IT? And if IT was and must be the only one, must it also, like God, be the one and only True Film?

I hope there will be many Book of Mormon films and many different lines of those films.

If they had changed "The" in the title to "A", would the whole thing have flown? If they had the mind to observe and change that problem they'd have observed and changed a lot of other problems - it would be an entirely different film. For example we would not persist in this virtual worship of Arnold Freburg's art. I like Freburg's work, but not all of it, and it isn't the end all to begin all. Can we get BEYOND Freburg?


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