Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wrong prediction. Some books.

So that last prediction was a bust.

I'm trying not to blog much lately (you can tell, if anyone is even here). Politics is so all-or-nothing for me - there is way too flipping much of it.

But here are some titles I read and looked through that were great.

Weapons of Mass Distortion, uncovering liberal bias in news. The updated edition addends events that have happened since first publication which follow the pattern it predicted, and also rebuts some ignorant liberal rebuttals since it's publication (from Al Franken, for example). Here's a counter-book.

DISINFORMATION. Read this. This very detailed often on-site investigative journalist explodes a dozen liberal anti-war myths which nonetheless hammer unendingly through the media.

HELL TO PAY. Won't make you like Hillary's game one red cent.

Who's Looking Out For You? - O'Reilly's answer: not many of the big-time folks, and he exposes many of the politicians. Main point I got from it: if you can't name many people who would bleed for you, your life will suffer. Ditto if you're not going to work and sacrifice for yourself and others.

I read some other entertaining book on Bush I don't remember the title of, but it poked a lot of fun at prattling liberalism and praised Bush for marching to his own drum - even against his father's legacy; and it tears apart the myth that Bush went into Iraq for reasons of repairing family dignity.


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