Saturday, October 22, 2005

New NBA dress code

The new NBA Business Casual dress code has many players (particularly black players) fussing that it is racist. A Sports Illustrated writer chipped in with this assertion in a magazine article. Many of the players who are fussing are well known for dressing in baggy pants, chains, and such on the job. To say it is racist is ludicrous. Such clothing emerged in black gangs and was then marketed and flaunted by gangster rappers. It is a symbol of the civil insurrection and street violence of gangs, and black gangster rappers have specifically and deliberately associated it with black gangs to glorify a delusion of justice by murder for what whites put their ancestors through. But the journey of your ancestors for justice is over, folks. The Civil Rights Movement at last abolished the last fringes of inequality just a few decades ago. It's the deluded Left who keeps you hallucinating that your people are still victims. You are victims of racism from individuals in many cases, but legally you at last have full equality and the legal rights of justice - and because of the Left you actually have, as it were, more equality in many cases than whites. Asking for the clothing to be changed is not racist. The clothing is a symbol of rebellios vindictiveness which some blacks by abuse have deliberately and specifically associated with blacks. It's ironic for black people to wear such clothing because they paint themselves the very animal that racist whites regard them as. Which I suppose is useful to some black people who take to the victimizaion stance and demand more of others for their supposedly helpless position. Such helplessness as in the multi million dollar salaries of the black NBA stars who dress in that garbage. What I am getting at is that blacks can "make it" in this country and live an upright, noble, and prosperous life like anyone can - if they don't buy into the Left's delusion that blacks remain victims of the United States, and instead do the right thing: be independent, buck up and take responsibility and do something. But regarding again the clothing as a symbol of violence, the cause of your liberation culminating in the end of public segregation was never achieved through violence, besides. Martin Luther King Jr. organized a peace march, remember.

But who in tarnation is a Sports Illustrated writer to say a dress code is racist? His people make the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and market it to men who buy into the delusion that it's not pornographic. Pornography is intent, not technicality of disclosure. There is no argument that the Swimsuit Issue is not designed to arouse lust. This writer who says the NBA dress code is racist is in with the folks who say women flaunting themselves in next to nothing is not pornography. You can rule out his judgement as scantily clad.


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